New to KP?

Kaw Prairie is a community dedicated to changing lives with Jesus' love. We have designed a worship experience to connect you to God and to other people. We hope you will feel at home the moment you walk in, dressed however you like. Pick up some free coffee, enjoy great music, hear a message that you can actually use in your week, and join us in Communion no matter where you are on your journey.

What We’re All About

Kaw Prairie is a unique community, made up of people from all backgrounds. And we believe the church should be the most fun and fulfilling time of the week. We aren't perfect, but here are 3 things we try to get right:

A Church for Everyone

We believe the church should be a community where everyone is invited. Regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what you’ve done in your life, you will be welcomed the moment you walk in the door. 

Connecting to Something Bigger

At Kaw Prairie, our community is made up of stories of the hundreds of people who attend, but our collective story is also part of something much bigger. We’re dedicated to helping people get connected to God and to each other. 

Timeless Community

While Kaw Prairie is a casual environment, we are also committed to a sacred space for people to connect with God. This is why we offer Communion to everyone each Sunday. Take a moment during your weekend to be part of something timeless. 


What We Believe

Kaw Prairie joins a historic community of billions of believers of Jesus around the world. We are humbled to call ourselves part of God's family. Here are some of our deeply held beliefs about God, humanity, and what God wants to do with our world.


The Scriptures describe God as existing in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We believe God created all things seen and unseen, and is active in his creation, inviting every person into a relationship with him.


Jesus of Nazareth walked the earth more than two thousand years ago, and taught a small group of disciples and thousands of followers how to live in a way that brings peace to Earth. He was crucified on a Roman execution stake and died for the sins of the Earth – past, present, and future. He made claims to be the Son of God, and after three days buried in a tomb, he rose to life again. 

Sin & Forgiveness

Because of disobedience to God, sin entered the world, and the Bible refers to a world that continues to cry out for things to be made right. Because of our continual disobedience to the ways God taught us to live, we deserve the consequences of that disobedience, but through the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, we were set free from that sin. Jesus took the punishment for everything we would ever do, and salvation from sin and death are available to everyone who believes in Jesus. 

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit convicts us of our brokenness and distance from God, and draws us to Him and the salvation He offers. It makes its home within all believers. Through mysterious promptings, gentle assurances and clear lessons,  it helps us grow spiritually mature. Its goal is to advocate for us, comfort us and inspire us to lead Christ-like lives and use our spiritual gifts to build the church and serve to a lost, needy world.

The Church

The Biblical paradigm of the church is a local community of believers who gather for worship, prayer, instruction, encouragement, mutual accountability and hanging out with each other.  We believe the local church is the hope of the world. Through their local church, Jesus-followers invest time, energy and resources to fulfill His great commission — reaching people far from God and growing them into fully devoted followers of Christ.  

The Bible

The canonical (approved in ancient times) Hebrew and Christian Scriptures are God’s unique revelation of his heart, law and purposes to the people he created and redeemed.  The Bible is the eternally true and inspired Word of God, and the supreme authoritative guide to all human life.  No other writings, however helpful or inspirational, are vested with this ultimate divine authority.  

Free Will

In order to make human life truly meaningful and to give His creation integrity of life and purpose, God chose not to make us puppets, but to give us free will, by which He allows us to each make the decisions which impact our world and govern our individual futures.




Each Sunday we get one chance to teach your child about God’s BIG ideas. But we know one hour a week just isn’t enough! That’s why we believe that what happens at HOME is more important than what happens at church. It’s our goal to be your biggest fan and strongest supporter as you lead your kids. We want to partner with you in this great adventure called parenting. So as your child grows in wisdom, faith and friendship just like Jesus did, we pray your faith legacy is strengthened and growing as well!


Please stop by one of the three check-in stations before going into worship. We use an electronic check-in system with name tags for safety and to alert teachers to any allergies or special needs. If you’d like to download and fill out the form ahead of time, click here.

All staff and volunteers have submitted to a background checked and receive annual training on Kaw Prairie’s Child Protection Policy.


We believe a shared faith experience strengthens the family. So on Sunday mornings, children PreK-5th grade attend worship with their family for the first 20 minutes. Following Communion, children are invited to JAM for hands-on Bible learning, music and small groups designed just for them!


Nursery is for non-walkers and early walkers (birth through approximately 18 months) and is available for the whole service.


For children 19 months to 3 years. Children get their first taste of Jesus through story, music and crafts. Children who turn 2 during the school year will remain in this class until in August. This class is available for the whole service.


The 3 years olds (by September 1) is action-packed and developed specifically for the early Bible learner. Children must be potty-trained to move to the 3-year-old classroom. This class is full-service or children may join after Communion.


Is for 4 and 5 year olds. This class begins after Communion. They learn the basics of faith through hands-on learning (games, crafts, discussion). We promote students based on their school age in August.

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

All students in Kindergarten – 5th grade begin in worship with their family. After Communion, students meet to learn God’s Word through drama, video, inventive story-telling and music. A monthly virtue, like friendship, faith and wisdom is also taught.

During the small group time, students break into groups based on grade. They’ll discuss real-life experiences, interact with a group of peers and participate in a variety of activities that appeal to different learning styles.


WILD is Kaw Prairie’s youth program for 6th-12th graders. We meet from 6-8 p.m. on Sundays. Our WILD gatherings include, worship, led by the youth, a teaching time, games, and small groups based on gender and grade. Friends always welcome!

New 6th graders are promoted in August!

Our desire is to provide an environment where relationships with Jesus and others are fostered and encouraged and where young people discover their passion and purpose.

In addition to Sunday nights, there are various opportunities for mission, service, retreats, parties and more. We would love for you to be a part of our KP youth family … you are more than welcomed!


At Kaw Prairie, we encourage everyone to be part of a small group to grow closer to God through study and personal relationships, to care for each other, and serve our community together.

Groups now open: Young adults/College, Youth, Families, Singles, Couples, Empty Nesters and more! There is a group for everyone!


Each week, dozens of people show up to brew coffee, practice music, prepare chairs, and prepare kids check-in stations. At Kaw Prairie, we want to make it as easy as possible for everyone - regardless of where they are in their lives - to find a place to serve. Serve teams are some of the best places to build strong relationships, and we can't wait to get you connected. Here are some ways you can help.


If you have a passion for children, we want to talk to you. KP Kids is a fantastic environment for kids to build community and develop a growing relationship with Christ. We are always looking for new volunteers to join us.

First Impressions

Are you friendly and outgoing? Do you have a winning smile? No need to be modest; Kaw Prairie wants you! Whether it's brewing coffee, greeting guests at the door, or helping people find their way, we are thrilled to have you on board.


Did you know Kaw Prairie allows students and groups to use our gym? Because we want to be a welcome door to our community, we set up and tear down chairs each week. If you'd like to help, this is a great way to help us change lives.

Kaw Prairie Cafe

Have you ever been to a coffee shop and admired the way your Barista made your latte with care? Much like our gym is open to the public during the week, we keep our cafe open throughout the week. If you have a passion for helping people with a smile and a cup of coffee, we could use your help. Training is provided.

Usher Team

Once you are in the sanctuary, you need a seat. Our usher team has you covered. We're here to make sure you get connected easily. And when it’s time for Communion, these friendly people will be here to help you find where to go.

WILD Students

WILD is an environment for Middle School and High School students to build incredible community and discover the love of Jesus. We are constantly looking for volunteers and small group leaders.


Kaw Prairie is dedicated to changing lives in the Kansas City metro and beyond. As a nonprofit, we are able to do so only by your generosity. If you would like to make a donation, we've made it as easy as possible to give online.


We're thrilled you've chosen to learn more about Kaw Prairie. We're excited to connect with you. Contact us below.