Kaw Prairie Community Church is led by staff, the Vision Team and the Board of Trustees. To learn more about each of these groups, click the links below:

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Church Staff

KP Staff003Dan McKnight – Lead Pastor

While pursuing his education at Michigan State, Dan worked as a resident assistant and delivery boy; through seminary as an ESL / GED teacher and a security guard on Chicago’s West Side (bullet proof glass and all)! While not fighting bad guys, Dan served as a student pastor in Chicago’s inner West Side and in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. After being ordained, Dan served as youth & evangelism pastor in the Northern suburbs.

Despite all the formal education, Dan never did become the architect he dreamed to be as a child. Dan considers himself quite lucky to share his life with wife Laura, and sons Jeremy and Eli. When at home in Shawnee, he especially enjoys laughing, traveling, learning new things, watching German movies, getting a little, but not too much exercise, working on the yard or anything he can do to spend time with his wife Laura.

Dan’s favorite Bible Verse is John 3:17.


bryan2Bryan Thompson – Director of Music and Creative Arts

As a music director, Bryan loves music. His eclectic taste in it will likely be evident to the Kaw Prairie staff. From motion picture soundtracks to Johnny Cash marathons to instrumental Hip-Hop, his love of music is evident in his quirks. And his wife Kristin loves it even more than he does.

There is constantly an iTunes or Spotify radio station on in their house. But the only thing they love more than music or their three kids is the church and the potential future of it.

As the newest staff member and family of Kaw Prairie Community Church, they are thrilled to raise their daughters Grace, Hope and Noel in a thriving and growing church.

Bryan is excited to play music with some amazing musicians. But mostly, he is excited to bring the love of Christ to people who may be close to Him or may have never entered into a church before.

As a music and creative director, Bryan can’t wait to see people sing out to the God of the universe, and he can’t wait to be a part of a community that changes lives.

The church is the hope of the world, and music is an emotional way to build bridges and turn on lights to a darkened world.

Music is all about stories, and stories are what connect us to God and each other. The Thompsons are excited to become part of Kaw Prairie’s story.



KP Staff014Colene Homa – Children and Family Ministries Director (Birth – 5th Grade)

Colene has dedicated much of her life to Youth Ministries. With more than 15 years helping inspire children and families through the United Methodist Church, she has served as worship leader, graphic designer, communications, youth and children’s ministries.

Calling Rapid City, SD home, Colene attended Missouri Southern University and St. Paul School of Theology. Her Spiritual Gifts include Administration, Faith, Wisdom and Teaching.

When not at Kaw Prairie, Colene enjoys sci-fi, movies, and time with friends and family. One of her greatest passions is Vacation Bible School and the chance to help cultivate children’s faith through awe and wonder! Her favorite Bible verse is Deuteronomy 6:4-9.

Colene resides in Lenexa and her son, Joshua, currently attends college in Columbia, MO.


Youth Director/Youth Pastor Search Underway (6th – 12th grade youth)


KP Staff018Diane Lee – Connections Director

After working with two previous churches as Director of Assimilation, Diane began serving Kaw Prairie in 2006. She is responsible for the First Impression and Missions teams and the assimilation process. If you’ve ever stepped foot in Kaw Prairie, you know Diane.

Diane attended Western Illinois University and calls Royersford, Penn. home. Her primary hobbies are reading and hanging out with family.

Her Spiritual Gifts are Hospitality, Leadership and Administration. Her favorite Bible verse is Romans 13:9-13.

Diane and her husband Jim reside in Lenexa and have two grown daughters, Wendy and Suzanne, and five grand children.


KP Staff027Andrea O’Keefe – Office Manager

Andrea began working at Kaw Prairie in 2013 and currently serves in multiple roles including Office Administration, Finances, Facility Management, Facility Rentals and overall staff support. Prior to joining Kaw Prairie, Andrea served as a corporate accountant for two years and in office administration for 10 years at a Lutheran Church.

With her hometown in Lenexa, KS, Andrea attended the University of Kansas. Her Spiritual Gifts include Administration, Faith, Hospitality, Teaching, and Wisdom. The Bible passage she is drawn to most often is 2 Timothy 1:7.

Despite not growing up to be a rock star, Andrea has succeeded in her other aspirations of gardening and time spent outside, travel, spending time with family and friends and enjoying music, concerts and theatre.

Andrea and her three children – Katie, Max and Nathan – live in Olathe.