Men’s Study in February

Rick Hammel hadn’t played golf for over a decade when a little book called “Golf’s Sacred Journey” caught his eye, and he started reading it.  By the time he finished, he had more than a new interest in the game—his faith in Christ had been renewed, and his life along with it.

Rick’s journey led him to meet the book’s author, David Cook, and that intersection eventually led to a film based on the book that would change even more lives.  (Watch the video below to hear the author tell the full story.)

Now, Rick’s passion is to share the book and its lessons with others.  Enriching for golfers and non-golfers alike, this February 4-week men’s study will transform not only your golf game, but your priorities and life.

Come meet Rick at the upstairs fireplace loft between services (10:15 AM) on Sunday, January 28, and the group will choose the dates and times of the sessions together.  Contact Rick at with questions.

“I lost 60 pounds because of the book.  I was free from daily depression, which I’d fought for years.  And I was free to be me.”

Rick Hammel