Staffing Updates From Pastor Dan

HALF-TIME ADMIN POSITION: Isn’t it awesome when God answers prayers not just with Yes, but also with And then some!? Well, after welcoming Bryan Thompson as our new Worship Director in June, we resumed the search for our next scheduled staff position, a half-time Administrative Assistant/Receptionist. As it has happened, though, in Bryan’s wife, Kristin Thompson, God presented an opportunity for us to not only fill the originally advertised position but also to enlarge the job description into significant ministry and operational areas, as well. Taking advantage of a panoply of ministry experience and an overflowing love and energy for hospitality, coffee-shops, group-building and ministry operations, we have hired Kristin Thompson for the (still half-time) position of KP Operations Coordinator. Kristin just graduated from Evangel University with a degree in Business Management, and has served as an Operations Director, Project Manager, Group Life and Connections Director and a Pastoral Care Counselor, too. Reporting ultimately to Pastor Dan but day-to-day to Andrea, she’ll work hand-in-hand with the rest of us on staff to help make our good ministries even better, and we’re super excited to welcome Kristin to the team! You can reach Kristin at

FULL-TIME YOUTH POSITION: As you’d hope, there’s also been substantial progress in our Youth Ministry position search. After prayer and further conversation, the Vision Team and I have decided to raise the bar for this full-time position by moving from looking for ‘just a’ Youth Director to a pastorally-trained, more spiritually mature, ordained Youth Pastor. The expectation is that a gifted young pastor with evangelical passion and more professional training can not only connect to our students well, but also build up and lead the adult volunteers who are the face and hands of Christ to the scores of students in our week-to-week youth ministry. Of course, an ordained colleague will also bring some of the pastoral help for me that we had been seeking in the previous Executive Pastor position, such as in sharing messages, leadership development, weddings & funerals, and pastoral care.

Perhaps most importantly for stability’s sake, though, typically ordained pastors commit to and succeed longer in a congregation longer than the typical Youth Director does (whose average national church tenure is approximately 18 months). The final title of this pastor being sought now is an Associate Pastor for Youth, Young Adults, and Missions—with the second and third portfolios typical complements to Youth Ministry in many churches, and also needs at Kaw Prairie at this time.

The Pastoral Search Team has responded to the Vision Team’s request for a change in focus with alacrity and speed, and they believe by their early August meeting they will have not only several top-tier non-denominational candidates, but several outstanding pastors from each of our denominational partners, as well. I’ll eagerly keep you posted as things develop, or you’re welcome to contact either Search Team Chairperson Todd Bartelt at, or candidate liaison Paige Moxness at with your own ideas or questions.

— Pastor Dan